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National Casual Dining
WAN Carrier Services Conversion

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When customers begin to make decisions on their dining choices they begin to factor in much more than just the cuisine and the environment.  After a National Fast Casual Dining Restaurant determined that they needed faster data speeds for their customer internet access, they decided to upgrade to a full 1.5Mbs (T-1) service.  The cutover required onsite networking expertise with an organization who was experienced in Carrier Services provisioning and installations.  New Carrier Standards also required dedicated 20 Amp 120VaC receptacle to support premise demarcation equipment.

Project Scope

Locations: 252 Stores
Project Duration: 90 Days
Trades and Skills: IT WAN Technology Specialist, Journeyman Electrician, Project Manager
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Consult with Customer to develop an initial premise visit to determine if carrier demarcation service needed to be extended and electrical requirement was compliant.  A report was compiled and provided to customer.  Project implementation began concurrent with completion of some initial surveys.

A deployment plan was developed to enable multi-trade teams to complete sites requiring IT Networking and Electrical Trades.

Communication plan was approved for notifications to store management and Centralized IT Support.


Installation: Electrical Receptacles and Demarcation extensions were installed as necessary.

Terminations were tagged on MDF panel.  Carrier Service conversions were scheduled for hot cutovers between 8AM and 11AM.


WAN tested for device communications and customer centralized IT application support.  Speed tests confirmed for T-1 speeds.

Project documentation and photo documentation completed and sent to customer.

Final acceptance to IT Management.

Customer Results – Getting it Done!

Reduced Risk

Effective Planning, Scheduling and Skills
Zero issues/events
Skilled Labor and Tradesmen
Time to Completion (90 days)
Management of out of scope adds

Reduced Cost

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership through Planning, Process Efficiency and Contractor Effectiveness
IT and Facility Staff Time
Single Vendor Multiple Trades
Single Point of Contact
Optimized Labor Utilization

Customer Satisfaction

Simple and Easy for Stakeholders
Minimized Time Burden for Store Management
3 Hour Completion
Mitigation of Carrier Issues