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National IT Deployments

National Fast Casual Dining
Comprehensive Technology Refresh

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Scale and Partner Experience Matters to Project Cost Effectiveness.  When a National Fast Casual Operation evaluated their annual IT projects and initiatives they consulted with Source One to see how they might reduce deployment costs and effectively optimize spending and do more with their budget.  Source One suggested a deployment strategy that contemplated a store by store approach in place of a technology by technology approach.  The solution reduced overall field services deployment cost and allowed the organization to stretch the budget to accomplish more.  The project called for technology refresh to include new PC’s/terminals/printers, router, WiFi upgrades, CCTV upgrades, new telephony and new carrier services.

Project Scope

Locations: 234 Stores
Project Duration: 60 Days
Trades and Skills: Video Surveillance Specialists, Structured Cable Specialist, Networking and Server Specialists, PC Support Specialist, Project Manager
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Consult with Customer to develop a services bundle to provide the skills to deploy voice, data, wireless, networking desktop and video surveillance skills for a store by store project basis in place of a technology by technology project basis.

A project plan was developed to coordinate customer centralized resources with Source One Field Services for each technology stakeholder for the retrofitting and refresh for each.  Tight but not achievable schedules were set.

Agreed upon T&M prices were agreed upon for contingencies, overages and unforeseen material and labor.

Firm pricing was agreed to for project scope.


Staging: PC’s, CCTV, Telephony, WAP, Printers were all imaged and configured (including firmware updates) centrally, tagged for a station by station install by store.  Kits shipped for just in time delivery.

Decommission:  Removal of old systems, paint patch and replace ceiling tiles and walls as necessary.  Dispose of old systems.  Ship old PC’s to customer for final data wipe.

Installation: Certify COAX and CAT 5 cable for reuse by testing.  Deploy new telephony with parallel services.  Cutover to new router carrier and T-1 services.  Surveillance Specialist and Structured Cable Specialist pooled resources for retrofit from COAX to IP.  Cameras were mounted to walls and ceilings and to headend.  Terminations were tagged on headend for each camera position and connected to DVR.


Cable tested for TIA compliance and results recorded and reported to IT Management.

Telephony tested for network.  Local and wide area access.

Cameras and DVR tested and polled for certification.

PC’s/Terminal and printers tested for network connectivity.

Project documentation for all components by model, serial numbers and photo documentation completed and sent to customer.

Final acceptance to Facilities Management and IT Management.

Customer Results – Getting it Done!

Reduced Risk

Effective Planning, Scheduling and Skills
Zero issues/events
Local Supervision
Skilled Labor & Tradesmen
Time to Completion (60 days)
Regionalized Dedicated Deployment TEAMs

Reduced Cost

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership through Planning, Process Efficiency and Contractor Effectiveness
Single Vendor Multiple Trades
IT and Facility Staff Time
Single Point of Contact
Optimized Labor Utilization
Speed to Service

Customer Satisfaction

Simple and Easy for Stakeholders
Minimized Time Burden for Store Management
Overnight Deployments
Zero Issues