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Structured Cabling Services

National Casual Dining
Structured Cable Additions for Table Wait System

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Add a single CAT 5 data cable home-run from the Network Ethernet Switch terminated on the patch panel.  Verify availability and use existing conduit for CAT 5 Cable usage.  Assure that electrical and data cable conduit is not intermingled.  Assure that recessed floor jack is located under Hostess Podium Station.  Data cables are to be run as per code and standards, terminated at 568b standards (BICSI standards), test for TIA Compliance and submit result report.  Project includes the repair or replacement of the electrical receptacle in the existing floor mounted box under the hostess station next to the data box.  Restore to usable condition and tested for 120 VAC.

Project Scope

Locations: 514 Stores
Project Duration: 90 Days
Trades and Skills: Journeyman Electrician, Electrician Apprentice
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Consult with Customer to develop an agreed upon schedule.

Work was scheduled with a 90 day deployment interval.


Furnish Material: TIA Certified Category 5 Cable, CAT 5 B Jacks, and electrical receptacle shipped and stocked to installation team.

Installation: Assured that electrical and data cable conduit is not intermingled.  Assure that recessed floor jack is located under the Hostess Podium Station.

Inspected and repaired electrical receptacle as needed.

Cable was pulled in existing conduit to flush mount CAT 5 floor jack.  Terminated at far end to jack and near end to patch panel.  Cable was tagged to identify usage for table wait system.


Cable tested for TIA compliance and results recorded to customer database for future reporting.

Project completed with full reporting on services time stamp (start/stop) and arrive/depart.

Customer Results – Getting it Done!

Reduced Risk

Effective Planning, Scheduling and Skills
Zero issues/events
Skilled Labor & Tradesman
Time to Completion (84 days)

Reduced Cost

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership through Planning, Process Efficiency and Contractor Effectiveness
IT and Facility Staff Time
Single Point of Contact
Optimized Labor Utilization

Customer Satisfaction

Simple and Easy for Stakeholders
Minimized Time Burden for Store Management
Overnight Start and Completion
Zero Issues