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Golf Retailer
Wireless Capacity – Golf Ball Launch Monitor

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It seems that every turn mobility is changing the way we evaluate products to help us make decisions.  When a Golf Retailer is committed to offering the very best experience for their customers they make sure that they are on top of their technology game.  When the technology requires wireless communication capacity a decision needs to be made to operate access over in house production systems or create a new WAP and SSID.  When our customer decided that a wireless teaching and sales aide needed only guest wireless they made a decision to simply add a local WAP to enable the Guest Access for their customers.  The solution simply required a PC reconfiguration and standalone WAP that connected directly to the customer PC.  Since the PC operated as a standalone off net solution, a premise visit was required.

Project Scope

Locations: 390 Stores
Project Duration: 21 Days
Trades and Skills: IT Specialist
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Consult with Customer to develop an agreed upon schedule and communication plan.

Work was scheduled with a 21 day deployment interval.


Staging: WAP’s were configured centrally and shipped just in time for installation.

Installation: Assured that electrical capacity was not drawing too many amps.  Technician connected and configured each PC for WAP and synchronization with ball launch analyzer app.


Solution was tested with department supervisor or department manager.

Store Manager signoff.

Project completed with full reporting on services time stamp (start/stop), arrive/depart and photo documentation.

Customer Results – Getting it Done!

Reduced Risk

Effective Planning, Scheduling and Skills
Zero issues/events
Skilled Labor
 Time to Completion (21 days)

Reduced Cost

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership through Planning, Process Efficiency and Contractor Effectiveness
Facility Staff Time
Single Point of Contact

Customer Satisfaction

Simple and Easy for Stakeholders
Minimized Time Burden for Store Management
Coordinated with Store Hours
Zero Issues