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Facility Health Check

National Casual Dining –
Asset Survey and Assessment

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Mergers and Acquisitions are a constant part of business today.  Organizations are constantly evaluating and aligning their properties for expansion or possible refocusing their brand.  When a Top 100 Franchise operator looked to expand their geographic reach, they looked to acquire a smaller franchisee.  As part of the financial valuation and due diligence, senior management wanted a more granular view of the condition of the facilities and systems.  As a fast track acquisition, the operator had only 21 days to survey each of the facilities that were part of the planned acquisition.  The Solution was a perfect fit for Source One Health Check and Survey.

Project Scope

Locations: 47 Stores
Project Duration:  21 Days    Total Endpoints Surveyed, Greater Than 2400
Trades and Skills:  Facility Services Professional, Building Engineer/Tech, Project Manager
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Consult with Customer to develop a detailed list systems and reportable metrics.

Develop a schedule and communications plan to work around and minimize store management involvement.

Provide notification to Facility Management and Restaurant Manager of Arrival and Departure.


Inspect and Document General Condition of All Systems at Facility:

  • Building Exterior – Signage, Siding, Landscape, Curbing, Parking
  • Kitchen – Cook Line, Ventilation, Refrigeration, KDS Managers
  • Office & IT – Data Networking, Security, Telephony, Audio, Table Wait, Radio, POS
  • Bar – Refrigeration, Bottle Cooler, Ice Cream Freezer
  • Rooftop – HVAC and Ventilation RTU’s, Roof Membrane
  • Mechanical – Water Heater, Softener, Tankless
  • Interior – Flooring, Ceiling, Paint, Walls
  • More…


Store by Store Reporting

  • Model #
  • Serial Number
  • General condition description
  • Photo document
  • 3200+ photos
  • 7000+ data points

Customer Results – Getting it Done!

Reduced Risk

Effective Planning, Scheduling and Skills
Zero issues/events
Skilled Labor & Tradesmen
Time to Completion (21 days)
Regionalized Dedicated Deployment TEAM’s

Reduced Cost

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership through Planning, Process Efficiency and Contractor Effectiveness
Single Vendor Multiple Trades
Facility Staff Time
Single Point of Contact
Optimized Labor Utilization
Speed to Service

Customer Satisfaction

Simple and Easy for Stakeholders
Minimized Time Burden for Store Management
One Day Survey
Zero Events and Issues