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Source One operates our company with full transparency.  Enabling the practice of transparency requires People, Process and Systems that are designed for our Clients to hold Source One Accountable and Productive in Support of their Field Service Needs!

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Field Services Management Platform

Managing Multiple Locations requires partnerships that understand the value and access to information. Through Pro-Manage we enable you access to information on assets and services for Facilities and Information Technology on a real-time basis.

Pro-Manage provides you with:

Incident and Project Documentation
Asset Data, Model, Serial Number, Physical Location
Photo Documentation
Project Ticketing
T&M Pricing Portal
Start/Stop/Complete Notifications
Complete Status of Incidents and Projects
Mobile and Desktop Access

Built for You - Built for Purpose - Customizable

Pro-Manage is built for your management needs utilizing open source software. Changes to Pro-Manage are easily accomplished with no licensing requirements or fees. Source One does not sell the platform for enterprise use; it is operated as a cloud solution for use by Source One and our Clients to manage our mutual agreements.

Pro-Manage - Facility Services Management

Pro-Manage – Facilities Management provides you with the comprehensive tools and insight to manage each facility and component in each store or the whole enterprise.

Records and tracks every engagement in real-time, from Buildouts, Retrofit/Refresh, Service Calls and Maintenance.

You have all the details needed to provide you with confidence that incidents are being addressed and projects are on time.

Pro-Manage – Facility Service Management provides you with an unpresented level of transparency so you can hold us accountable for our service to you.

Pro-Manage also offers you exportable reports and integrates with your FMS.

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Pro-Manage - Information Technology Service Management

Pro-Manage – ITSM provides you with visibility to all Field Service activities from single service incidents to major project deployments.

Granular asset data recording provides you with details that are updated in real time.

You’ll receive incident tracking, notification, and completion.

Pro-Manage offers detailed remediation and reason codes.

This product can be customized to fit your needs.

Pro-Manage also offers you exportable reports and integrates with your Enterprise ITSM.

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