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Dumpster Area

Exhaust units



General surface condition

HVAC Units

Light posts




POS Kiosk

Secondary doors


Siding condition

Sign condition


Walk-in Fridge/Freezers

Walls/Seating dividers

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Facility Health Check

S1 360 Critical Care – Facility Health Check and Survey Services provide you with process and framework for offering simple and comprehensive surveys for your facilities.  Facility assets are assessed, status is recorded, remediated if needed and records are reconciled to reflect key asset data such as model number, serial number and location in the facility with full photo documentation.  Health Check is an excellent service for meeting the survey needs marketing, finance, facilities and IT.

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Facility Use Cases

S1 360 Facilities - Buildouts Refresh & Retrofit
Buildouts, Refresh and Retrofits provides you with complete Plan and Build construction services for ‘Plain Vanilla Shell’ and Existing Facilities on an open store or closed store basis.  Our specialization focuses on facilities up to 10,000 GSFT.  We are able to execute hundreds of projects simultaneously without delay and with exceptional workmanship.

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Facility Use Cases

S1 360 Facilities - Facility Care
S1 360 Facility Care is designed to meet the routine maintenance needs of your facilities.  Facility Care provides services from handy man services to the comprehensive services of skilled journeyman for Flooring, Carpentry, Mechanical/HVAC, Wall Finishing/Paint, Electrical/Lighting and more.  Facility Care addresses Outdoor/Exterior, BOH and FOH services.

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Facility Use Cases

S1 360 Facilities - Time & Materials
S1 360 T&M services can be delivered to you on demand for normal business hours and on emergency basis.  Our National reach provides local services  placing resources within 2 hours of most of our client facilities.  S1 360 T&M delivers you services on a scheduled/project, per incident and emergency basis.

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Facility Use Cases

S1 360 Facilities - Critical Care
S1 360 Critical Care designed to meet your urgent and mission critical maintenance needs of your facilities.  Critical Care is most often utilized for repair services when your customer image is in jeopardy or employee productivity is directly affected.  Facility Critical Care is a priority parts and labor maintenance plan.  Facility Critical Care provides you with skills within 2 hours of your facility.

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Facility Use Cases